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The Accidental Advocate

Some of you might be familiar with the wildly popular Netflix series, "Stranger Things", where real life is mimicked in a horrifying version called The Upside Down. It's a dark place where monsters exist, and for the few who have witnessed the terror firsthand, they unsuccessfully try to raise awareness of this horror, while those surrounding them are slowly swallowed up, against those in charge who simply choose to ignore their pleas in response to this monstrosity.

Being a parent advocate is similar to stumbling into The Upside Down.  It certainly wasn't something I had my sights set on,  nor do I know anyone who chooses to be abused and ignored by the system simply because we want to raise awareness that our children aren't learning effectively. I've written about where I believe our strengths and energy should reside in our schools: firmly as an informed partner within the educational establishment, supporting best practices in the classroom and ensuring…

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