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"Out on Good Behavior, Chapter 1: Various Narratives, and an Introduction to One of my Parole Officers"

This is the first in a series called “Out on Good Behavior: Teaching Math While Looking Over Your Shoulder” by Barry Garelick, a second-career math teacher in California.  He has written articles on math education that have appeared in the Atlantic, Education Next, Education News and AMS Notices.  He is also the author of three books on math education( ). Says Mr. Garelick: “If this series goes right, it will be the fourth book.”

And yes, you’ve seen this before; earlier versions have appeared here, but he feels that enough time has passed that you’ve forgotten that that ever happened.

1. Various Narratives, and an Introduction to One of my Parole Officers
If you are reading this, you either have never heard of me and are curious, or you have heard of me and have pretty much bought into my “narrative” of math education. I tire of the word “narrative” (almost as much as I tire of the word “nuance”) which I see …

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