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Learning Long Division under The Time of COVID-19

As we continue to function under the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s understandable that things have shifted.   Our list of priorities is different, as we navigate daily schedules that looked much different a month or two ago.   Those with school aged children are experiencing this rather acutely, as parents are now fulfilling a dual role as mum/dad, and now, as teacher.   As we navigate these uncharted waters, there are certain realities that have come to light. First, online learning is proving to highlight the growing inequity in our public school system, and it's worth examining why our education leaders insist on pushing forward with screens, and chromebooks in the classroom. Second, during this lockdown phase, more parents are finding out what their kids are actually doing in school, and it's leading to some interesting observations.  Our assumption about what our kids should be learning, doesn't necessarily align with what they *are* learning. Mor

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