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How's that "New Math" going?

  Here's the math that BCEd tells us that kids don't need in the real world. It's a brand new year yet the same problems seem to be cropping up in public education.  Despite millions being poured into our schools, there's even more being poured into extra tutoring when kids arrive home from the classroom because they can't read or do basic arithmetic.  Despite overwhelming research demonstrating how student centre learning harms kids, our education leaders insist on pushing this failed agenda in their bid to suit a narrative that makes education consultants rich on the backs of frustrated parents, stressed out teachers, and anxiety laden children.  More funding isn't the solution , yet special interest groups cry foul, insisting that governments give them even more funding, to fix a problem that they, themselves, are responsible for creating. The reality is chilling, yet parents continue to stay silent, or even worse, align themselves with unionist interests, i

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