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What's With all the Rhetoric?

As we're now hearing rumblings of yet another school strike in British Columbia - the second one in three months (and the fifth one in 13 years here in BCEd), the usual rhetoric is making the airwaves about how underfunding is hurting kids, and how teachers aren't able to effectively do their job.  And perhaps it requires a mention that the underfunding narrative continues to plague every single conversation regarding education, even though there's no hint of accountability behind poor spending practices. And yet, we are encouraged to support tactics which suggest we should blindly hand over even more funding, or we may face having our kids being taken hostage by them. Again. 

"Underfunding" is a lazy phrase which has no hint of truth when it comes to education in British Columbia. StatsCan indicates an increase of 12% since 2015, even though there is no accountability for how it's being spent.
Perhaps it's going to Superintendent salaries instead of Edu…

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